Joseph Betel z”l

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“When we were young and just learning about the murderous Holocaust, we were mortified that the world was a very scary place. Our father said, ‘people are mostly good, and goodness will always win’”.


Joseph Betel z’l was born on June 30,1929 in Lodz, Poland. In 1939 when the Nazis created the Łódź ghetto his family fled by train to Stopnitza to be with family. They moved around from town to town eventually making their way to the Strzegom Forest. His younger sister became ill and died and his Mother and older sister were killed. Just six months before the end of the war his Father was killed leaving Joe alone at the age of 15. At the end of the war he made Aliyah to Israel and fought in the 1948 War of Independence. Joe moved to Canada and met and married Carmela, in 1956. Joe began his work life ironing shirts eventually becoming a successful entrepreneur. They have 3 children, 10 grandchildren, one great grandchild and more on the way!