Miriam Zakrojcyk


“Never again” you are the young generation. You should remember what the survivor said and showed you and always remember never again. I survived and I’m thankful for this March of the Living. It allows you to see it and then to remember.”


Miriam Zakrojcyk was born in Krasnostav, Poland in 1936. From her town, along with her parents, brother and sister, she walked to the Warsaw Ghetto, and until 1941 they lived there in a cellar. Her father heard that the ghetto would be burned, and he saved his family by escaping the Warsaw ghetto through a hole in the wall and boarded the last train to Bialystok and from there they went to Russia. They were sent to Magnita Ghorst, and then to Siberia. After the war, in 1946 they returned to Poland and lived there until 1957, when they decided to go to Palestine. Miriam left Israel in 1966 with her husband and two children and immigrated to Canada, where her children were married. She now has three grandchildren.