Susan Pasternak

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“A wise man once said that “You don’t know your future until you know your past” The children are our future and so it’s important for them all to learn our past.”


Susan Pasternak was born February 1, 1939, in Zambrow, Poland. She was an only child. While living in the ghetto, arrangements were made to smuggle Susan and her Mother to the apartment of a Polish woman where they hid for 3.5 years under a table with a felt cover to the ground. Susan never saw her Father again. AT the end of the war, Susan’s Aunt arranged for them to come to Canada, but herMother suffered a heart attack and died. Susan was sent to an orphanage in France and then to Germany to an UNRRA Children’s unit where she spent two years. Susan arrived in Canada in May 1947, being the first child to cross the Atlantic after the war. In 1961, Susan was adopted by her aunt and uncle. She married a fellow Holocaust survivor, whom she met in university. Susan is blessed with three sons and seven grandchildren.