Tova Rogenstein


“As much as we suffered and as hard as it was, we wanted to fight to stay alive. It is important for the younger generation to always remember this and to stay strong. To hear our stories and draw strength from us.”


Tova Rogenstein was born in Krakow, Poland in 1933. She was the youngest of three children. At the onset of the war, in 1939, Tova was six years old. In 1941, life became horrific, when Tova and her family was ordered into the Krakow ghetto, there they stayed until the end of the year, when they were deported to Plaszow. At the end of 1943, Tova was sent to Auschwitz. After a short stay, her and her mother were taken to Bergen Belsen, where on April 5, 1945, they were liberated. Tova’s father was killed in Mauthausen and her brother in Majdanek. Its unclear what happened to Tova’s sister. 1947 marked the year that Tova made her way to Palestine. She met and married Avraham Rogenstein and they have two children, two grandchildren, five great grandchildren.