Georgine Nash


“The reason I go on the March of the Living is because I believe it is my duty to teach what happened during the war. And if the younger generation will see it and hear it they will make sure that this will never happen again. The best way survivors can ensure that is by educating the younger generations”.


Georgine Nash was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1937. She was an only child and lived a comfortable middle-class life. In 1940, Georgine’s father was sent to a labour camp, and that was the beginning of the end. When Germany occupied Hungary in 1944, Her and her mother were forced to leave their home and moved into a “Yellow star house”, and then into a protection house, run by the Swiss. When the protection house became unsafe, Georgine and her mother were hidden in the home of an elderly woman, where they were forced to stay in the coal cellar during bombing raids. In January 1945, Georgine was liberated with her mother. Her father was killed during the last few months of the war, in an unknown location. They left Hungary in 1957 during the Hungarian revolution and moved to Canada. Georgine married Marty Nash in 1961, and they have three sons and six grandchildren.