Mania Hudy

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“It’s an experience for the children unlike any other. They have never lived through these stories, the kind of stories I told them. They saw what Auschwitz; Treblinka and the Warsaw ghetto were like… Now they know what Israel stands for and how special Israel is to us because of the March of the Living.”


Mania Hudy was born in Warsaw in 1933 and lived there with her parents and brother. In 1940 they were forced from their home and relocated to the Warsaw ghetto. They were packed into tiny living quarters with 3 or 4 other families. In 1943 her baby sister Bronka was born and soon given away to a Nun in the hopes she would stay alive. Mania and her brother were taken to live with a Polish couple until 1944 when they were discovered and taken to Bergen Belsen, where they found their Mother working there. They were liberated together and were sent to a DP camp always wondering about baby Bronka. Baby Bronka was found in 1949 in Belgium alive and well at the age of six. The family moved to Israel. Mania has two children, six grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.