Howard Kleinberg


β€œThe next generation should do everything possible to do all they can for Israel and support Israel to stay alive. Because if we had Israel back then, the Holocaust would never have happened.”


Howard Kleinberg was born on May 3, 1926, in Wierzbnik, Poland. He was the youngest of 10 children. In 1941 his entire family was forced from their home into the ghetto, where they stayed until mid October 1942. At this time, Howard was separated from the rest of his family, and never saw them again. Howard was sent to Auschwitz and was used as a slave labourer in an ammunitions factory. From Auschwitz, Howard was sent to Mauthausen and then to Bergen Belsen, where he was liberated by the British army on April 15, 1945. It was in Bergen-Belsen where Nancy, a young girl from his home town, saved his life. Howard arrived in Canada in 1947 and reconnected with Nancy. They got married and had four children. They now have 11 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.