Esther Fairbloom

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“They gave me the courage to face my past and go on with the future; the strength to walk and smile and so now I try to help them. I wish for every child to have a happy childhood and a future that is only bright with Happiness. Have no fear, Bubbie Esther is here.”


Esther Fairbloom was born in the ghetto of Tarnepol, Poland. Her mother placed her in an orphanage in Zbarz run by nuns, and placed her sister with a family on a farm. Herparents, who owned a slaughterhouse, donated meat to the orphanage, and the Mother Superior would return the favour. Esther was too young to know her own name or birthdate and she would never learn these details as her parents were shot and killed when the Germans came to take the slaughterhouse. Following the war, Esther, so named by her Aunt and Uncle, refused for a time to remove her rosary beads or the cross around her neck. Eventually they moved to a Canadian farm for two years and then to Toronto. She discovered through old photos that she had a sister in Israel and at the age of 30 the two reunited. Esther married David and is tremendously proud of her children and grandchildren.