Irving Eisner

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“From the past, we learn about the present. From the present, we learn what to do with the future. I believe that the only way to guarantee the survival of the Jewish people is through education. The children must learn, so they can teach future generations.”


Irving Eisner was born in Sojmo, Czechoslovakia, on March 10, 1926. He had four sisters and one brother. Irving and his family were sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1944. His mother, brother and two sisters were killed there. From Auschwitz-Birkenau, Irving was sent to Dachau, where he was labeled prisoner #89012. Irving was liberated from Dachau by US troops in April 1945. Irving and his sister, Sarah, survived, along with their father. In 1946, Irving, his father and sister found their way to a German Displaced Persons camp. While there, Irving met and married his wife Sima. In 1949, Irving and Sima went to Israel, and settled there until 1954, at which time they came to Canada. Irving was a very well-known teacher at both Eitz Chaim and Associated Hebrew School. He authored two books Dachau: Book one, #89012 and Dachau: Book 2, back to the Camps. Irving and his wife are blessed with three sons, nine children and 21 great grandchildren.