George Herczeg z”l


“In 10-15 years none of us survivors will be here to tell the truth. So, if these young students don’t come on the trip and stand up and talk about what happened, about what they saw and learned, then the deniers of the Holocaust will win”


George Herczeg was born in Nagyvisnyó, Hungary in the mid 1920’s. He had 2 sisters. During the war he was in a brutal forced Labor camp with his father. His Mother died in Auschwitz and his father died 3 weeks before liberation. After the war he went back to his village and tried to continue his father’s lumber business until the communist regime took it away. He escaped illegally to Austria and arranged for his sisters to do the same. In 1948 he came to Canada on a farm contract through the Canadian government. He worked a year to fulfill his contract and was then transferred to Toronto. He worked as a dishwasher, restaurant manager, real estate salesman and developer. George met and married Agnes in 1962 soon after she arrived in Canada. They have two children and seven grandchildren.